The Visionary who motivates us to push boundaries of what is possible in the industry

Mr. Sunil Adwani


Mr. Sunil Adwani, the Director and Visionary of ANP Corp, personifies leadership that transcends boundaries.
His journey into real estate may have been coincidental, but he views it as a divine calling – a privilege to safeguard people's dreams and aspirations of their homes, offices, and business spaces.
With a career spanning decades, Mr. Adwani brings a wealth of experience and insight to ANP Corp. His visionary leadership has set the company on a remarkable trajectory of success and innovation. He deeply understands the profound impact the real estate industry has on human lives.
Under his guidance, ANP Corp aspires to raise benchmarks in residential, commercial,
hospitality, and built-to-suit real estate, evoking pride in owners and occupants while offering enduring value through persistent capital appreciation.
Mr. Adwani envisions our cities and nation with world-class physical and social infrastructure and housing quality. His unwavering commitment to this vision, "one brick at a time," reflects his dedication to the company and the nation.
As a visionary leader, Mr. Sunil Adwani's integrity, passion, and commitment to excellence inspire respect and admiration, guiding ANP Corp toward a brighter future.

Mr. Manohar Pherwani


Mr. Manohar Pherwani, the Director and Visionary of ANP Corp, has been an integral part of the company's journey in the real estate industry.
His path in this dynamic field has been driven by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence.
As a custodian of aspirations and investments, Mr. Pherwani's role extends beyond business. He embodies ANP Corp's values of social responsibility, elevating the company's mission to make a positive impact on society.
At the core of this commitment lies the ANP Care Foundation, where Mr. Pherwani plays a pivotal role. Within this state-of-the-art facility, ANP Care Foundation provides Free Dialysis sessions, offering hope and care to those from less privileged backgrounds.
Furthermore, innovative therapies like Dialysis tubs are in development to enhance the lives of individuals battling kidney ailments.
Looking ahead, Mr. Pherwani's vision includes extending support to economically underprivileged cancer patients, providing free chemotherapy to create a lasting difference.
ANP Corp's values is embodied in Mr. Manohar Pherwani's dedication—one step at a time, consistently and with unwavering commitment to fulfilling our societal responsibilities.
Our Young Scions


Mr. Rishi Adwani


Mr. Sourabh Adwani


Mr. Tanuj Pherwani


Mr. Roshan Tejwani


Senior Management

Mr. Suraj Jeswani

VP – Finance & Treasury

Mr. Ajeet Kulkarni

VP - Liaison & Legal

Mr. Himanshu Rajani

VP - Sales & Marketing

Mr. Shrenik Upadhye

VP - Construction & Engineering

Mrs. Rucha Ghotikar

VP - Human Capital Management